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Canada is one of the oldest continuous monarchies on Earth.Canada, in any and all of its incarnations, was always a monarchy. Not a serious whiff of republicanism in the air here. Until the Treaty of Paris ceded the colony of New France to the British in 1763, Canada was considered a viceroyalty of the realm of France.From Franois I to Louis XV, Canada was ruled by absolute French monarchs.When the British took over, Canadians switched allegiance to another king, George III and his successors, all the way to Queen Elizabeth II, the current sovereign, and a splendid one, too.Article content continuedRepublicanism is not and has never been in our genes.

This year the income tax department has made it really convenient to file IT returns online by pre filling a lot of information about your income. So if you are a salaried person with no other source of income and you declared your investments and expenses (such as rent, PPF, etc) to your company, you may not even have to fill in any data. In our case the form was pretty much pre filled and all we needed to do was enter our bank details.

They are overworked and underpaid charged with one of the most important tasks anyone can have: nurturing the growth of young people. The good news for teachers is that their jobs won be going anywhere.AI and robotics will undoubtedly support teachers in their roles in the years ahead, I don envisage a day where our children will not be taught by a person, Pickersgill says. Skills, empathy, and understanding are critical for creating well rounded and emotionally confident young people a human can be sure to achieve this.

On December 7th, he said he took photos of Riegle car, which had been transferred to the ISP Post in Lafayette. There were several black smudges on the outside of the car in the shape of fingers. He said he lifted those markings to be tested. The lawsuit filed Feb. District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia in Norfolk claims that Hewitt’s Loyalty Brands has “engaged in an extensive email campaign” seeking investors through Liberty Tax contacts. The lawsuit also claims he used confidential company information to assist others in their lawsuits with the company, providing written declarations for those being sued and suing Liberty Tax, noting internal company policies..

3’s, I liked those even better. You can feel you’re locked in, and they’re comfortable, but not restrictive. It keeps your Achilles stable and strong with that high back heel, it helps you start and stop on a dime, which is what James needs to play at his best.

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