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“We want to bring the Ritz back to the way it was because people have such fond memories of it,” Laurie Wuchter said. “I hear from people all the time saying, ‘My mom and dad met here and they’ve been married for so many years.’ So that’s what we want to bring back. We want people to return, fall in love and have their kids come back.”.

Ray, you have said it all! The problem that I have seen in my 27+ years is that the type of drivers who would and did stand together, have retired or quit because of all the BS that is crammed down our throats and have moved to greener pastures! The breed of truck driver(often through no fault of their own)have been molded to be this maintenance driver that the industry, especially big carriers like to hire. By low maintenance driver, I am referring to the drivers who do what they are told, right or wrong, and DO NOT ask or much? or This is the type of driver that most companies want to hire, not someone with a couple million miles under their belt who will know enough to ask all of the right questions. A couple big companies that I worked for over the years had several policies like passengers no exceptions! or not stop to assist ANY motorist no exceptions! or MUST use the company fuel card and pay the added premium for using it and DON ask why! The list goes on and on.

S langt, s godt det accepterede hun og forstod det ogs p lidt samme mde, som vi forstod den med lejrblet, men vi behvede alligevel ikke at invitere hende nste gang vi skulle p kroophold eller lignende, for det er ikke kun, fordi hun er single, at hun ikke har lyst til gourmetmiddage. Hun vil meget hellere lave maden selv og samle gode venner i hjemmet. Nr hun engang fr lov til det igen det er nemlig ikke fordi hun er en madignorant og bare spiser for at leve; hun er supergod til at lave mad og vi andre nyder godt af hendes berlkre frembringelser..

Water main, sanitary sewer and storm sewer will also be replaced as part of the reconstruction project. This project will include assessments to adjacent property owners. This meeting is being held to provide information and to obtain neighborhood input on the project and to answer any questions..

Mais non, Chlo est en Nouvelle Zlande et Lola est drafte en NBA ? Je n’en sais rien. Au moins savoir a. Bon sang mais parle moi d’elles ! Sont elles heureuses ? Et leurs petits copains ? Parle moi au moins d’elles, s’il te plait ! Toi et ta vie, peu m’importe. On ne se doit plus rien. Tu fais ce que tu veux.

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