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Idk this communities a lil too unregulated to have the type of gatekeeping elitism that you might find on a chapotraphouse/socialism sub cus they’ll be quicker to tell you you’re a terrible person while here people just call you the r word lol which probably feels more like banter to those folk and keeps them here longer than the condescending shit you’d hear on the other subs. That in itself probably takes down the sensitive leftist stereotype most non leftist people have about these communities and make them more receptive to leftist ideas since they’re not fearing a corny lil groupthink online mob so idk who all from the center/right would be repelled from here. I agree the blue haired trope doesn’t shy too many grown people from leftism but if you saw some tik tok comments you’d see that the whole alt/indie community does turn off a lot of grade school kids from ever getting into it and even though it’s stupid it’s a big part of it.

This optimal level of hierarchy increases without bound as the pressure decreases. The Hausdorff dimension of the optimal structure and its dependence on applied pressure is found. Two example structures are presented, although the design is applicable to any convex shape.The fourth chapter of this thesis investigates the use of hierarchical geometry for a highly efficient interface between two surfaces.

Already contacted my bank and spoken to fraud department, opened a case, they processing a refund and are closing my credit card account. They said they doubt that I have to return the glasses but I keeping them unopened just in case part of the fraud is to claim that I altered/damaged goods that didn belong to me. Not sure how that would work.

Now Vice President Joe Biden is sending new signals about his own interest in the Oval Office. He has been active through fund raisers and visits in early voting states such as New Hampshire and Iowa, and on Friday he is slated for a joint appearance with Obama in his hometown of Scranton, Pa. Not to mention his recent coy interview in GQ magazine about his presidential intentions..

This wine is both rich and fresh. Gold in color with exotic aromas of sage, white flowers, dried pineapple and honey. Flavors of honey, herbs, peppercorns and dried citrus gains in complexity with a lengthy mineral finish. We knew something wrong had happened. We could see the fury of the river.” Water trapped inside the glacier was released when it cracked open. Treasury Yellen: Americans earning $60,000 should get stimulus checks.

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