Ray Ban Wayfarer Black Rubber

Here are two local restaurants offering up pub food favourites for takeout, perfect for your next game day at home.(Max Martin/The London Free Press) If you aim to take your traditional game day fare a little upscale, order from Crossing Pub and Eatery on Hyde Park Road. Their chicken wings aren’t overly breaded, their thick cut fries never greasy, and they have a well rounded menu to satisfy everyone. To me, their pulled pork flatbread is the ultimate game day treaty: a thin, crispy flatbread covered in loads of tender, juicy pulled pork, topped with spicy, tangy barbecue sauce, gooey cheddar cheese and fresh green onions.

(Or, if you’re Don, the fleeting pleasure from the candy bar you received after one of the hookers in the whorehouse where you grew up tipped you for rifling her john’s pockets.) You don’t go to Burger Chef for a hamburger; you go there to reassemble your family around a table as the centrifugal forces of life spin you apart. You don’t buy a Kodak Carousel slide viewer; you buy yesterday. As Don tells Kodak’s executives at the end of Mad Men’s first season, in one of the show’s most poignant and true moments: “It’s a time machine.”.

We told him that since it was guaranteed by TJ and UFC was demanding and putting me in a bad circumstance, then it is fair that if TJ didn’t make weight, the fight would be off and I would still get my guarantee [plus] TJ’s guaranteed pay. Mick said that Ray would be on the card and he could fill in if TJ didn’t make weight. We said, oh, then which one do I train for? I thought TJ guaranteed he was making weight.

4. And now a huge ethical issue has come up it turns out that Oxford did not tell its volunteers through the trial that it made a mistake in giving them an incorrect dosage. It suggested in a note that this may have been a part of the plan, in blurry language intended clearly to cover up its mistakes rather than admit them openly..

6th Ald. Dist.Owner: Lance McGrath, McGrath Property Group, LLC Applicant: Marc Schellpfeffer, CaS4 Architecture, LLC Informational PresentationPublic Market Development Committee:Fleet Services, 200 N. First St.Special Meeting This is a City sponsored event to preview and share feedback on the the design plans for the Madison Public Market.

Highlights: The Comprehensive Plan is at Plan Commission for adoption on Monday. It’s been a huge undertaking and it will frame our future growth. On Tuesday, the Common Council Executive Committee interviews six candidates seeking to be appointed D16 alder after the resignation of Alder Denise DeMarb who moved out of the district.

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