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FBI agents have appeared on her doorstep, searching for clues.”That’s when I found out JP was working for the FBI,” Ana Margarita would later recall.The FBI, she is told, has been using her husband to infiltrate a Cuban American paramilitary group involved in narcotics and firearms trafficking. He also has been providing firsthand information about the activities of Brothers to the Rescue, a Cuban American activist organization that flew peace missions to the island and helped rescue refugees lost at sea.The day after Juan Pablo disappears, Cuban MiGs shoot down two Cessna planes belonging to the organization. Four pilots are killed in the attack.

When I learned the news Feb 20 of the water main break on Oak St, I immediately requested Engineering to push Oak St reconstruction into 2019 instead of 2020. It mean residents already impacted by last years water/sewer line breaks will face another bill in 2020. The standard payback period is 8 years but I can request the Board of Public Works provide a 15 year payback.

Police investigating racist ‘Zoom bombing’ of Longmeadow Coalition for Racial Justice meetingUpdated 1:18 PM; Today 1:18 PMLONGMEADOW Police are investigating a “Zoom bombing” incident in which hackers hurled racial slurs and drew hate symbols during a meeting of the Longmeadow Coalition for Racial Justice Task Force last week.Town Manager Lyn Simmons said the incident is under investigation by the Longmeadow Police Department with assistance from the town’s IT department. The Massachusetts State Police have also been alerted, she added.Simmons said she was “sickened and saddened” by the incident.”The hijacking of the meeting with racial and anti Semitic slurs and graphic images will not be tolerated and a full investigation will be done,” Simmons said. “This is all too common of an occurrence in the virtual world we live in but only strengthens our resolve to continue moving forward to stamp out hate.”Coalition members on Thursday evening were discussing ways the town might develop racially equitable hiring and promotion practices when an onslaught of racial slurs, including “[N] s need to burn” and “Fk n s,” put the virtual meeting on pause.”We’re getting ‘Zoom bombed’,” said member Ryan McCollum, asking another coalition member if there were instructions on how to handle the situation.But before Zach Verriden, chair of the coalition could respond, a hand drawn swastika and other hate speech created by a user with the handle “Maverick Tjom” appeared in red across the entire screen.

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