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You can unsubscribe at any time.Thank you for subscribingWe have more newslettersShow meSee ourprivacy noticeAs the dark and depressing days of winter come to an end, there usually growing excitement (mainly, it has to be said, among the young and carefree, rather than the old and married) about the next big calendar event worth celebrating after Christmas St Valentine Day.If your plans for Sunday, February 14 involve the classic duo of dinner and a movie, what better way to get in the mood than to read our list of the best romantic films ever made in the history of celluloid?The list is totally unscientific and, since this is a subject likely to provoke debate, please do have your say in the comments below and tell us which romantic films float your boat.But for now, here my starter for 14 (in honour of St Val feast day, of course) of the romantic films which always leave me with something in my eye (and some which leave me sobbing hysterically into the nearest cushion).You can rent and buy films via Netflix, Amazon Prime, Now TV and Google Play.1. An Affair to Remember (1957, directed by Leo McCarey) This is my tear inducing nemesis and the cast iron guarantee of a good cry when one is needed.The basic plot involves Nickie and Terry, played superbly by Deborah Kerr and Cary Grant, who meet on a cruise ship and fall hopelessly in love, despite both being engaged to different people. As the boat docks they promise to end their relationships, get their lives in order and meet again in six months.

When I read “Choose not to be harmed and you won’t feel harmed. Don’t feel harmed and you haven’t been.” or “External thinks are not the problem. It’s your assessment of them. This thesis is about the influence of the teacher development centres (TDCs) as a support strategy for the professional development (PD) of primary school teachers in Malawi. PD of teachers is becoming an integral part of educational reforms in many countries. However, supporting and sustaining PD especially in poor countries is quite challenging.

Despite the recent good news, however, there is still concern about future trajectory of the virus. A number of public health experts have warned that the new circulating variants of the virus, and those that may develop, could lead to a new spike in cases. That concern led one public health expert to characterize the nation as currently being in the “eye of a hurricane,” a period of relative COVID calm before the next big part of the storm strikes..

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